making off

making off · 31. Juli 2019
Nach dem Motto MÖBELBEZUGSSTOFF TRIFFT LEDERTASCHE haben wir mit SHINE HAMBURG drei Taschen entwickelt: - eine zeitlose Clutch - eine trendige Gürtel Tasche - eine cognac farbene Beutel Tasche mit AHA-Effekt in jeweils zwei Ausführungen: - Ton in Ton mit blauen Blättern - Poppig, trendig, bunt mit gezeichneten Blättern und Leoparden.
making off · 16. Januar 2019
One photo per month should give you and me a short overview of the past year. Every year I make this small review of the last year and am happy to see what happened. It is always much more than I remember. Time is running and hardly a project is finished, I am already in the middle of the next one and forget to take the time to record what I have achieved.

making off · 24. Oktober 2018
WE CARE about our world, try to be good with the environment and believe that the first thing to do is to rethink our consumption. That's why we use environmentally friendly materials and production processes wherever possible, try to produce as little waste as possible and keep transport distances short.
making off · 17. August 2018
We wanted to get a more exclusive and professional look, and so asked our friend to redesign our branding.

making off · 26. Juli 2018
I had a shooting with Annemone Taake.... and I got some amazing photos! Let me introduce myself and my work: