One photo per month should give you and myself a short overview of the past year.


Every year I do this little review of the last year and am happy to see what happened. It's always much more than what I remember. Time is running out and you've hardly finished one project you're already in the middle of the next and forget to take the time to recap what you've accomplished.

Here my "film reel" 2018:



New designs for my wallpaper and fabric collection, lemons that bring us into an Italian garden and now let us smell the scent of summer.



Hamburg Stories was on a visit and watched how I work, what I do and how I got there, the article can still be read here: MADEMOISELLE CAMILLE  - pattern your life



Late winter and early spring are my favorite time to travel. To exchange the grey Hamburg sky for a blue summer somewhere in the world where there is no winter. Last year I went to Morocco for the tenth time and took not only my pencils but also my watercolour box with me. It was the right decision to capture these enchanting colours in this wonderful country. The idea is to design a special wallpaper with holiday memories this year.



One of my favourite projects: I was allowed to design a wall in the Hamburg showroom of Parkett Dietrich. The design is based on a pattern from my collection "Bouquet de violettes". I rearranged the flowers and placed them on the wall so that the shelf was perfectly integrated. The colours are also adapted to the overall room situation to perfectly match everything.



Another major project, wallpaper not as a classic pattern, but as a complete mural. Here the little Kalamari from my design "Plongée sous marine" has been given a leading role and can now happily swim across the corner in the dining room on a blue colour gradient. He is a real giant and 5m long.



A new portrait had to be made and so I walked on a wonderful day with the charming Annemone Taake through Hamburg and very expressive photos of me were taken:

They reflect my strength, creativity and female force, optimism, curiosity and softness. These are the attributes I would like to focus on again in 2019. For me personally and my work.


The flower shop in Hamburg Florales und Viel Mehr got a new look with my help. We quickly decided to colour my motif "ombres chinoises" in green tones and scale it up. We carefully selected the green to harmonize with all the flowers. Matching to this we had Kolorat mix a colour for the adjacent wall. And since then, Klaus has put the flowers in a new light.



A big moment, my redesign was finished. My office neighbour Moni Gehle helped Mademoiselle Camille to create a new look. New logo, new signet, new claim, new CI colours. Finally a folder for my samples, including different inserts.

MADEMOISELLE CAMILLE has grown up and is ready for the big projects.



A wish I had for a long time, to pass on knowledge. And because I myself always need this creative, handcrafted input, the people behind it with their fascination for what they do touch me, Ankie from TALONMADE and I started giving Indigo Dye workshops. We had both done a workshop at BLUE PRINT AMSTERDAM some years ago and have been fascinated by indigo and the art of dyeing with the different techniques behind it ever since.

Get infected, more information and tickets can be found here: workshops



The new prints are ready. "Nénuphare" the feeling as if you were swimming in the middle of a water lily pond. This noble plant with a special meaning in the Far East and treated almost like a muse by painters like Monet, has impressed me for a long time, now I have given it a special stage.



By chance I got the opportunity to try out a new variant of the wall design. And that without digital computer work and directly on the surface, better said on glass. HEY LOVEL BRIDAL Hamburg wanted a shop window, just as beautiful as the one in Munich. And so I was allowed to step into the footsteps of Katharina Konte and paint a rather large and high window picture with chalk. It was such a wonderful task that I immediately included it in my portfolio. Well, which of you still has a shop window that could be embellished?



Just before Christmas was the time to see who is talking about me, who is writing about me, what will probably come to me in 2019. Here's my big thanks to NVC PR, who did great PR work for me and got me some appearances in different online and print magazines.

And so in 2018 I was featured in AD Germany, NZ-Bellevue, FAZ Magazin, AIT-Newsletter. And some MADEMOISELLE CAMILLE products were featured in the series DOGS OF BERLIN. Crazy, isn't it?


I'd say I can look back on 2018 with satisfaction and look forward to an exciting 2019 full of samples.


Fotos: Camille Sachse / Mademoiselle Camille

Ankie Kampmeyer / Talon Made Hamburg

Uta Gleiser / Hamburg Stories

Annemone Taake

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