This project shows one part of our business: Adapting one of our patterns to your setting. Can be your home, a shop, a hotel room, the lobby of your office, what ever you would like to redesign.


We were asked by the flower shop Florales & Viel Mehr in Hamburg to get a new look to one of their wall. The wall was painted in a magenta pink before and we thought, getting it a green look would help to even highlight the flowers with being a highlight it self. So we recolored our design OMBRES CHINOISES in green shades and made the repeat quite big.

To complete the shop design we asked Kolorat to mix a matching color for the wall next to the wallpaper.

We offer individual, unique and exclusive custom made patterns for interiors. And have contacts to different suppliers of colors, textiles and craftsman to complete your interior and get our patterns in your project