Come behind the curtains so that you can get a small impression of what is important to us.

All patterns are made under the pen of Camille. She collects photos, draws plants, paints with watercolours, scans her sketchbooks and creates new, colourful and playful designs. Careful selection is then made of the size and colour that best suits your product before it is sent to our printers.

We then have small prints printed in order to control colours, style and material. If we like everything, we have one product produced each time, as our sample collection.

Only when you put cushions and wallpapers in your shopping cart and press the pay button, will our production be stimulated.
All your pillows will be printed and sewn in France.
Depending on size and material, the wallpaper is produced in Germany or Poland.
Thus our delivery routes remain short, fast and therefore also flexible.

The cushions:
designed in Hamburg, produced in France, printed with eco inks on different materials, we always try to use organic or recycled fabrics.


The wallpaper:
designed in Hamburg, produced in Germany or Poland with eco inks. The papers we use are FSC certified, free of glass fibers, fleece character wallpapers. They are also heavy inflammable / CE = B1 according to DIN 4102-1.


that is exaclty what we are

FRENCH - GERMAN - ECO as much as possible

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Photo on top and Portrait: Uta Gleiser

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